Are squirrels romping around in your attic? You are in need of Squirrel Control.

Squirrels can be one of the most destructive animals that get inside homes. They often gnaw on wood, cables or electrical wiring and almost any stored item.  The gnawing of wiring is perhaps the scariest damage they do – stripping the insulation from the wires increases the chances of a short and the risk of fire.

Those noises you hear in the attic, especially if they are heard during daylight hours, are often caused by squirrels!  The longer you let the noises go on, the more damage they are doing.

If you suspect squirrels are living in the attic, hear noises in the attic in the morning or evening, or have squirrels crossing your roof, you should call us immediately. ALL THINGS WILD technicians are experts in eliminating squirrel problems.

Squirrels seek out attics and wall voids to use as nesting areas. In most years, squirrels can have 3-4 litters of babies. If you allow baby squirrels to be raised in your home, you run the risk of those juvenile squirrels returning to your home to have their babies. This becomes a generational problem that gets worse and worse.

We can diagnose your problem, trap and remove the squirrels, and provide the necessary exclusion repairs to seal holes and construction gaps that may be allowing them entry into your home. There is no reason to allow rooftop rodents entry to your home.

For your squirrel control needs, call us today at 843-754-5444! 

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