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Humane Wildlife Removal & Trapping Services in Columbia

If you have animal, wildlife, or rodent issues in Columbia, you want it resolved immediately. We perform nuisance wildlife removal services, pest control and prevention (exclusion services) safely and humanely. Whenever possible, we live trap and relocate animals. Our technicians are licensed and insured.

We don’t just remove wildlife, we keep them from coming back!

Columbia SC Wildlife Control Winter Opossum & Rat Control Service Expanded


If you have an unwanted animal in your home, on your property, or in your commercial environment, don’t let them be a nuisance any longer! Contact us for discreet, professional, efficient wildlife and animal removal or extermination services. We take care of squirrels, bats, snakes, rats, raccoons, birds beavers and just about anything animal sharing your space without permission.



Unwanted animals in your home or yard can cause incredible damage, which can also be a safety hazard. Chewed electrical wires can create a fire hazard. Soiled and packed down insulation can cost thousands on your energy bills! Damaged support beams and other woodwork can actually cause structural weakening. MOST IMPORTANTLY, hidden entry points, or holes that are left open, create an invitation for more of our wild friends to move into YOUR house.

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Do you have problems with roaches, palmetto bugs, fleas or ants? Are mosquitoes spiders and wasps invading your yard? We provide safe, effective pest control services. We also check for entry points and seal them (exclusion services).

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Just a few of our happy customers!

Our cat was stuck in our tree (about 60 feet up!), and we couldn’t leave her there because 2 hawks were trying to get her. As my son sprayed them with a hose, I called at least 6 businesses and left urgent messages. Brian at All Things Wild, Columbia branch was the only one who responded. He dropped everything and rushed over. So glad to have our cat safe in the house again!

All Things Wild (Brian) came to take care of a bat issue in our house (we had 12 or 13 bats just hanging out in our kitchen and den after we got back from a weekend vacation)! They were thorough, thoughtful and kind, they removed the bats quickly, and made sure our chimney was patched up to prevent this from happening again. Though I hope you never have bats in your house, if you do, I happily recommend these guys.

I had a humongous Hornets nest the size of a bowling ball. Scott arranged for Tim to take care of it within the week. Tim came out right on schedule. He also checked my attic and exterior for evidence of squirrels and gave me an honest opinion that the attic is critter free. So glad Modern, my termite company, recommended them. Now I will too!

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