Beavers make their comeback…

beaver damageBecause their fur was once in great demand, beavers nearly became extinct in SC. Since being reintroduced in the 1940s, our beaver population is strong and healthy, sometimes with disastrous results.

Beavers may damage trees and docks and can weaken shorelines and dams. They also block water flow causing floods and backing up water on  your property.  Beaver dens in the dam of your pond can cause dam failure and cost thousands to fix. Pond dam owners are even liable for downstream damages caused by failed dams… even when it’s the beaver’s fault.

ALL THINGS WILD’s experienced wildlife specialists can solve beaver problems in a number of ways. Trapping is the primary tool to get beaver out of a pond or wetland. We can also add repellents and exclusion materials to help protect your trees and other property. We can even bust up and remove their dams to restore water flow and ease flooding.

We offer one time trapping as well as maintenance trapping services for areas with recurring beaver problems.

Send your beavers packing. Trap and prevent them from damaging your property. Call ALL THINGS WILD today at 803-920-3880!

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