When wildlife invades your home, it’s not just a nuisance, real damage can occur!

squirrel gnawed plumbing vent

Squirrels gnawed into this home through this plumbing vent pipe.

Unwanted animals in your home or yard can cause incredible damage, and often the damage is not just aesthetic.  Chewed electrical wires create a major fire hazard.  Soiled and packed down insulation can cost you thousands on your energy bills!  Damaged support beams and other woodwork can actually cause structural weakening.  MOST IMPORTANTLY,  hidden entry points, or holes that are left open, create an invitation for more of our wild friends to move into YOUR house.

At ALL THINGS WILD, we know that the solution is a thorough, accurate evaluation of the damage caused by squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, and others, followed by a complete repair and restoration to the home’s original state.

Exclusion is the process of sealing all potential and active points of entry, so animals can no longer enter. All exclusion services come with a warranty against reentry by the target species.

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