Deadly Snakes of South Carolina

What Snake is that?

Many people are terrified of snakes, and with good reason!  Although many of the 38 snakes native to South Carolina, only 6 are venomous, that doesn’t mean they don’t bite when they feel threatened.  The 6 native snake species in SC which are venomous include: Copperheads, Cottonmouth (water moccasin), the deadly Coral Snake, and three species of Rattlesnakes: (Timber or Canebrake), Eastern Diamondback, and Pigmy Rattlesnake (Dusky & Carolina).

Snakes can endanger your children and pets, and unfortunately, the regular appearance of snakes on your property can indicate a deeper problem: rodent infestation. To identify a particular snake, take a look at this website. But if you are at all unsure, call us first. If you have found a snake in your home or on your property, it is always best to call a professional to evaluate how serious the problem is.  At ALL THINGS WILD, we will take the time to find out where snakes are coming from, inspect your home for signs of rodent problems, and remove the snake or snakes in the most humane way possible. We can also seal your home up against entry by snakes and rodents.

Snake Trapping and Snake Removal Works

We are one of the only companies in the this area that utilizes Snake Trapping.  What this means for you is that even if we don’t find your problem snake during our initial inspection, we will be able to leave snake traps on your property and return to remove the snakes we capture.  To answer a very common question: NO, SNAKE REPELLANTS (including the wives-tale of moth balls) ARE NOT RELIABLE WAYS TO KEEP SNAKES AWAY.

We catch around a thousand snakes every year with our snake trapping services. Where others fail, ALL THINGS WILD gets it done.

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