Mosquitos are blood-sucking insects which can infest your yard, causing itchy bites and spreading disease like Zika Virus, Malaria, Dog Heartworm, Encephalitis (affects humans and horses), West Nile Virus, & many others. Mosquito problems are most prevalent during spring, summer, and early fall. The majority of the species of insect that bother humans breed in wet areas or standing water. They spend the hot parts of the day in the shade of vegetation. It is only the female mosquito who bites us using her proboscis to penetrate your skin and get herself a blood meal.

Mosquitos are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and use it to track us down from their hiding places. So, unless you think you can stop breathing while outdoors, you will likely need some help to keep mosquito problems at bay. We can help you with mosquito problems around your home, office, vacation spot, wedding venue, pool, and other places.

The best treatment is prevention and our experienced pest control technicians can help you find and eliminate problem areas. We also can treat harborage (hiding) and reproductive areas using larvicides and appropriate pesticides to keep the mosquitos under control.

Monthly or single treatment plans are available to control mosquitos. Most years you will only need service for mosquitos from March-October. We also can install a Mosquito Misting System to allow you the freedom to treat for mosquitos on an as needed basis. We install and service these systems.

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