star nosed mole

Are moles invading your yard?

Moles are insectivores (bug eaters) that live underground. Their primary foods are earthworms, grubs, and other subterranean insects and insect larvae. Most moles are functionally blind. Usually, moles are solitary animals that avoid each other’s tunnels, so there is often only 1-5 moles in a given yard causing damage.

What kind of damage do they do?

Moles damage lawns by tunneling through the root systems and exposing the roots to air and physical damage. The mole’s work usually looks like a system of raised tunnels just below the grass or dirt mounds spread through the lawn (that are not ant hills). At ALL THINGS WILD, we use specific traps and trapping knowledge to capture the moles that are destroying your lawn. We DO NOT recommend repellants, sonic devices, or other methods for mole control services. Please call us to discuss your options for mole control services. 

sc mole removal