Columbia, SC wildlife control company All Things Wild has expanded its services to include opossum & rat control during the winter months. The company offers 24-hour emergency services and routine nuisance wildlife removal across the Tri-County Area.

Columbia, SC wildlife control company All Things Wild announced the expansion of its winter opossum & rat control service. The company offers this service during the winter months when rats, squirrels, opossums, and other wildlife tend to invade crawlspaces, basements, and homes.

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All Things Wild has introduced its opossum control service in winter to safely remove these creatures from homes and offices.

Opossums are North American nocturnal marsupials classified as nuisance wildlife in South Carolina and other states. Unlike rodents, opossums are not considered dangerous but tend to raid garbage cans, steal pet food, attack small pets, spread fleas, and burrow under homes. Opossum droppings cause leptospirosis, a form of hemorrhagic jaundice.

The Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO) in South Carolina handles the safe and humane trapping and removal of wildlife from urban and suburban areas. All Things Wild specializes in opossum removal to prevent the spread of fleas and pathogens from opossum droppings.

The new winter service focuses on the removal of possums, squirrels, and other wildlife from crawlspaces, basements, mobile homes, and other common nesting sites. All Things Wild ensures the safe and humane trapping, handling, and removal of wildlife.

Wildlife control technicians from the Columbia, SC rodent control company are available for 24-hour emergency wildlife removal. The company is equipped to handle the prevention and removal of large groups of opossums and other nuisance wildlife.

According to a spokesperson for the Mount Pleasant, SC licensed rodent control company, “We are happy to announce our winter opossum control service alongside other nuisance wildlife control services in Columbia and the surrounding region. We look forward to ensuring our customers enjoy a pest-free holiday season.”

All Things Wild DP, LLC is a licensed, bonded, and insured wildlife control services company based in Summerville, SC. The company’s service area includes towns and cities in the Tri-County Area including Columbia and surrounding areas.

For more information about opossum removal in Columbia, SC, call 803-920-3880 or visit the URL above.