Columbia, South Carolina-based company All Things Wild Wildlife & Pest Control has announced that raccoon removal and bat removal services are now available in Columbia and Mt Pleasant, SC. The company specializes in professional wildlife and pest control.

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The company is licensed to provide wildlife and pest control services in the state of South Carolina. The team at All Things Wild is fully trained and certified to handle nuisance wildlife pests like raccoons and bat removal for residential and commercial properties.

They use a technique called Integrated Pest Management, which combines many types of effective pest control services to make sure their clients’ homes and businesses are completely pest-free.

A common misconception about their services is that they handle domestic pets, cats and dogs. The company is not to be confused with local animal control. They are a private company that handles wildlife and pest removal only.

Common wildlife pests include armadillos, beavers, birds, moles, opossums, raccoons, rats and rodents, snakes, and squirrels. Rat and rodent removal requires urgent pest control attention as they can carry dangerous diseases and infections.

For businesses, rats and mice can result in damaged stock, contaminated foods, health code violations and other consequences. The team at All Things Wild will quickly and efficiently solve the problem and get businesses back in operation quickly.

The company has received many positive reviews for their work, including this online testimonial:   “Thank you so very much for your wonderful service in ridding our house of field mice. Your patience and professionalism with repeated phone calls and a house call on short notice to accommodate our contractor are very much appreciated. You are wonderful.”

The company offers a free inspection with any service. Interested parties can find more information and book an appointment at the link above or call 843-754-5444.