bat in the atticHaving bats in your home is a SERIOUS problem, even if they are confined to the attic. Bats urinate and defecate (their poop is called GUANO) anywhere they roost, causing staining and odor problems which are difficult to remove.   Bats are associated with dozens of diseases which are dangerous to humans, including histoplasmosis (a lung disease caused by the spores of a fungus which grow on their droppings or guano) and rabies.

Bats are very beneficial to humans because many flying insects, such as mosquitoes, are their primary food source. But if bats find their way into your home and take up residence, they can also be some of the most destructive, dangerous and expensive pests to control.

Since many bats are protected species, removal must be done by a trained professional, like the ones we employ at All Things Wild.  In addition, we can repair and exclude bat entry ways to your home or business so they cannot re-enter.

To have your bat problem taken care of sooner rather than later, call us today!  Put our experience to use for you!