Author: Dan Phillips


You may call them Palmetto bugs or water bugs, but the American Cockroach is the largest type of roach you will see here in the Midlands of SC. They are reddish brown and grow up to about 2′ in length. These bugs will pretty much eat anything, sweets and starches are their favorites. The German Cockroach is the most common type you will find in your home, and they are difficult to eliminate. They are smaller, and lighter brown in color than the America Cockroach. These roaches breed all year round and must be controlled at every level of the cycle....

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Generally, Wildlife is a term reserved to describe any animal life other than domesticated and farm animals. Dogs, Cats, horses, cattle, and goats are not considered wildlife. As far as common wildlife present in South Carolina, there is a lot to choose from. South Carolina’s significantly different habitats stretching from spartina marsh in Charleston, to the Blue Ridge Mountains, provide many different flora and fauna zones. Each of these zones is unique and has its own common wildlife.  Some wildlife species only exist in one or two habitat types. This limits the range of these animal species, like many...

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Insect Pest Control

Do you have roach problems? Are “Palmetto Bugs” bothering you? Are ants invading your home? Are you sensitive to pesticides; or just do not want pesticides in your home? We can help!!! Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a process of combining different methods of control to obtain an eventual solution of Pest Free Living. Most Roach and Bug problems within a home can be controlled with changes in suitable habitat, exclusion, trapping, and natural compounds. Pesticides do not always have to be used in and around your home to keep pest problems under control, but they are an important part of...

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